How to repair the clips of an Ortlieb bag (Front roller and similar)

After two of the closing clips on my 2012 Ortlieb Front Roller* bags broke at the end of last summer’s touring season, I finally got around to contact Ortlieb and figure out how to fix them. I somehow had expected a complicated repair since at least the main (“roller”) clips are sewn in, but a […]

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Autumn has arrived: Gritty gears on the Brompton

It’s October and the dirt season has begun in Southern Finland. We get a lot of rain and wind, making for very dirty road conditions. I recently, for the first time since starting to use the Brompton back in March, encountered some issues with the gears not shifting properly in wet conditions. A view to […]

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Fitting Ergon BioKork GP1 grips on a Brompton M handlebar

The only truly disappointing part of a mint Brompton as it is delivered from the factory in London are its cheap foam handlebar grips. Even after riding only short distances of the rough asphalt, used to withstand the cold winters up here in the North, my hands got sore and I got some nasty nerve […]

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