How to repair the clips of an Ortlieb bag (Front roller and similar)

After two of the closing clips on my 2012 Ortlieb Front Roller* bags broke at the end of last summer’s touring season, I finally got around to contact Ortlieb and figure out how to fix them.

I somehow had expected a complicated repair since at least the main (“roller”) clips are sewn in, but a few days later the always friendly and responsive Finnish distributor had sent me the required spares (E146 and E187) along with detailed instructions. It turned out to be the easiest repair imaginable.

Since it was such a revelation to me, I took a few photos in case somebody else, too, is wondering how is it done:

* As I just learned from the new 2016 catalogue, the bags formerly known as “Front Rollers” are now marketed as “Sport Rollers” to reflect the fact that they are brilliant bags also for rear rack use, as by yours truly (avoiding the “Back Rollers” both to encourage light travel and because the chain stay of my cyclocross frame is a bit of a tight fit with bigger panniers)

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