Movie: Free as a kangaroo (2016)

Less than a week on Vimeo and already clocking up 1,300 views, Florian Schmale‘s cycle touring documentary “Free as a kangaroo” about his 3,000km ride across Australia rightfully gathers praise – in my books, this hour-long flick goes straight to the top of the charts of self-documentary bike travel films:

Static preview image for embedded contentClick to view video from Vimeo

While preparing for the next bicycle adventure ourselves, watching this film brings the feeling of being out touring on the road right back into the living room (though I’m not sure would I be up for such an extreme trip).

The way the author uses the camera as his diary device works really well: it seems that all the loneliness described in the film served as a great catalyst for creative camera work and a well-developed story that is hard to stop watching after the first few minutes.

Can’t wait to get out on the road again!

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