Elk spotting at Porkkala

Porkkala, a peninsula in the municipality of Kirkkonummi, has long been in military use and today serves – along with few remaining public functions – as a recreation area with lots of untouched nature and a fascinating, rocky coastline.

Located only 30 km southwest from Helsinki, it is the perfect destination for a day ride. It was a week after midsummer last year, when I hopped on my bike in the afternoon and went to explore the area. Besides sitting in the sun and looking out to the calmingly wavy sea, spotting elk on almost every single field on the way back made this a ride to remember. In the end, I cut it short by taking a train back from Kirkkonummi – why go exhaust yourself after such a great outing?

Obviously, riding out all the way from Helsinki adds a lot of kilometers; taking the bike on the local train to Kirkkonummi is free and cuts the dull suburbian part out from the trip:

It's a nice trip, but beware the hilly parts in the southern part of the peninsula!

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