First 1000km on the Brompton

Ever since I got my Brompton, I have been running every single errand on the new bike. And I even managed to squeeze in a few longer day trips. So it comes to no surprise it took only slightly more than three months to reach the 1000 km mark.

As I was on a evening ride the other day, I decided to play around with the arrangement from the Brompton logo by the shore downtown.

Image caption: Playing around with a reference to the Brompton logo at Kaivopuisto in Helsinki.

Lessons learned: Trying to do a multi-photo montage of an object in front of water with waves (or probably any kind of water) is a bad idea. It doesn’t matter at this size, but erasing the overlap of different wave structures was hard work. And a low-sitting sun is a bit of a challenge, as it causes reflections as on the front tire on the leftmost third of the image.

Next time, I’ll try to find a better background for this. The Suomenlinna sea fortress in the background just seemed like such a great idea when I was on site.

And I really need to take the cyclocross bike out for a few longer rides soon; it has been terribly neglected as I was just too busy having fun crusing around on the 16-inch wheels.

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