Bookmarked: Bobby Gadda – touring on a tallbike

As we are approaching the shortest day of the year, this hilarious presentation is just what the doctor ordered to remember why it is worth waiting for the next summer and make plans to get out touring again:

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Personally, I would be terribly scared to ride such thing in traffic (even though I fully buy that it is actually a stable ride with great passive safety by being so extraordinary) – but the tallbike itself is not the point here anyway… It’s about getting out of the door and do it. If you need a great primer to see that it is easier than you may think, check the comprehensive article “It’s ALL about the bike” by Leo Woodland.

On a side note, I have seen some pretty extraordinary tallbikes in the city every now and then, but I never knew that they originally were invented for very serious purposes: Practical Origins of the Tall Bike: gas lamp lighting & flood travel

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